The ambition of the Erling-Persson Centre for Entrepreneurship is to be known for its excellent research within the field of entrepreneurship and family businesses.

It is a research centre that dares to test new things and do things in a different and innovative way.

The key resources of the centre consist of faculty from the subject Entrepreneurship, Management and Organisation at the Helsinki and Vaasa campuses of Hanken School of Economics. The centre also has an advisory board.

The main task of a research centre is to conduct research. At the Erling-Persson centre for Entrepreneurship we are also firm believers in the importance of sharing research results to communities outside the academic sector. This is why we are constantly working with finding new ways of putting research findings into practical use. PhD Jan Sten focus on transforming research results into practical use in forms of teaching and collaboration with the business community. The results are tested and validated within courses at Hanken, but they are also exposed to feedback from the business community.

The research centre is named after a significant endowment made by the Erling-Persson Family Foundation in connection to the fundraising campaign Hanken 100.
Key persons at the Erling-Persson Centre for Entrepreneurship

Prof. Joakim Wincent
+358 (0)40 3521 478  

Prof. Sören Kock
+358-50-5256 709

The faculty of Entrepreneurship, Management and Organisation of Hanken School of Economics is also involved in the activities of the centre.