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Hanken International Talent people
Onboard.Engage and Win with Hanken International Talent™ pool.
We offer company-oriented university collaboration with international master students via internships, case-study and thesis projects. In these exceptional circumstances, we offer to be a part of a solution and assist findings ways to develop, support and pivot your business. Our students are available for #remote internships and summer jobs.

Hanken International Talent™ allows a free access for companies and organizations to screen & source your future employees among experienced international students through a time bound mentorship and a 2-3months employer-student project.

How can Hanken International Talent™ benefit your company?

Onboarding Hanken master students helps you test new ways to run or optimize your business, develop new products or services. At the same time this free and risk-free cooperation helps you sharpen your employees' social capital and your company's diversity efforts. We have helped many companies to either integrate these meaningful connections or co-create a mentoring/internship experience that addresses a burning challenge and benefits both the company mentor and a student.

Through Hanken International Talent™, you will meet students with the aptitude, drive, and personality to take on roles and responsibilities that contribute to the future success of your organisation. As company your task is to mentor a HIT student into the Finnish business culture in an individual way. 

Interested to be part of our #HankenHIT initiative? To sign up or hear more, drop us an email to corporaterelations@hanken.fi or call Kamilla Sultanova on 0404517080.

Hanken International Talent people

How can Hanken International Talents programme serve you?

  • Engage and introduce your company via case-studies, internships, traineeships or thesis cooperation - all to help solve company-specific challenges as well we help students unlock various support networks in Finland.
  • Drive your team performance, solve your pressing challenges in finance, logistics, operations, intl growth & sales and build inclusive workplace culture.
  • Recruit with us. Gain full access into Hanken International Talent™ pool of high performing Master's students in Economics, Finance, Management and Marketing from 20+ countries. 
  • Get exposure across Hanken school of Economics and the Finnish community at large.

Companies such as KPMG, Fazer and Wärtsilä have recruited from our pool of Hanken HIT talents and are returning collaborators since the launch of the programme in 2017.

COVID update: Coronavirus pandemic created a difficult situation for many companies and organizations as the urgency is to find ways to pivot businesses to the right direction. We are committed to find various ways to develop the programme and keep it relevant for all future company collaborators, present participants as well as for the incoming students. If and when you see the need for your colleague or company to utilize our talents and help your team in these exceptional circumstances, we hope that we can be a part of a solution either through case-study projects, internships and traineeships on #remote basis.

To hear more, drop us an email to corporaterelations@hanken.fi or call Kamilla Sultanova on 0404517080.

A word from the Dean of Education

Minna Martikainen RGB Press.jpg

We are looking for talent with leadership ability to become key contributors to the future success of Finland. Participants in Hanken International Talent will learn and excel over a two-year period through close ties between education and the working world. This unique and varied programme provides excellent opportunities for personal and professional development. We believe in the individual, thus, HIT is designed to be an efficient and supportive structure for developing talent. I believe that HIT is a great opportunity to launch our students’ careers in the right direction.

Professor Minna Martikainen, Dean of Education


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