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Grow your team with us! We offer company-oriented university collaborations with experienced international master students via mentoring, internships, case-study or thesis projects. In COVID times and after, we offer a variety of exciting ways to engage with our diverse quality talent to grow and pivot your business. Our students are available for #remote internships and mentorships. Get in touch today. We are recruiting company collaborators now and until January 15, 2021.


Hanken International Talent™ is a talent management programme that enables organizations engage with diverse quality talent at Hanken by building meaningful connections and exciting various ways for employer-student collaboration. In covid pandemic reality, leading change requires new capabilities and perspectives. Whether it is about re-imagining new roles, pivoting business or building resilience, Hanken HIT offers a window of opportunity for individuals and organizations alike.

How does your business and team look like in the months and years that follow?

Despite the COVID reality, we at Hanken International talent are discovering massive exciting opportunities to engage companies with international master students that can help you grow your business, intercultural competencies and promote employee well-being.

One of the case-scenarios is that Hanken HIT™ student helped to successfully pivot a business during COVID. Moreover, Hanken HIT™ collaboration helps employers tackle talent recruitment, address company's project needs "here and now" and develop team members’ intercultural competencies.
Research shows that it improves employee well-being and loyalty too.

Companies such as KPMG, Fazer, PWC and Wärtsilä have recruited from our pool of Hanken HIT™ talents and are returning collaborators since the launch of the programme in 2017.

We welcome you also, to tap into our pool of master students from 20+ countries majoring in Marketing, Business management, Finance, Supply Chain management and Intellectual Property Law. They offer a global perspective, experience and valuable insights. In return they seek your take on Finnish business culture and how to get closer to a dream internship or job after graduation.

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Make Hanken International Talent™ work for you

Since 2017 the program has matched 25 students, which enabled companies test new ways to engage with potential employees and shape better employer brands. Onboarding Hanken master students has helped test new ways to recruit diverse talent, develop new products or services and improve team performance. Hanken HIT™  being free and risk-free cooperation, helps businesses grow employees' social capital, develop business and employer brand.

We have helped many companies to either integrate these meaningful connections or co-create a mentoring/internship experience that are valuable for both company and the student.

Get to know our students and hear from our Hanken HIT™ collaborators on our Youtube Playlist.

Join us!

We will connect you and set up a time-bound cooperation, which is easy to commit and execute, whether by screen, in person or a bit of both. You commit to 6 lunches or virtual coffees during next half a year or a potential cooperation to help your company here and now. 

Drop us an email to or call Kamilla Sultanova on 0404517080

Hanken International talent is a part of a #TalentBoost ecosystem, a larger inter-university and inter-city cooperation project “International talents accelerating growth” which helps universities and cities to build exposure of Helsinki region as an employer city brand and maximize exposure of international talents to their potential employers. 




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