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Did you know that you can post vacancies, internship positions and thesis commissions through Career Services?

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Career Services is an effective channel for employers who want to advertise vacancies to young graduates or students at Hanken. Posting career vacancies and other information about career options on the Career Services’ job board is free of charge.

Since the spring 2019 employers can register to the Aarresaari.net service and create an account for their organisation. Setting up an account makes placing and monitoring advertisements easy. This is especially useful for those who often place advertisements on the Aarresaari.net service. This way you do not have to re-enter the organisation's basic information in every form. You can also add several people from the same organisation to the same account and that way several people will be able to manage the advertisements. Read more and create an account.

In addition, we also offer different chargeable services for even better visibility and stronger penetration, for example promoting positions directly to a targeted group of students in exchange for a fee.

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Post an internship

Master's students at Hanken have the opportunity to include an internship period in their studies, preferably during the summer months. 

Why not seize the opportunity to work together with these eager talents of the future, get fresh perspective and input from future professionals in your field – and strengthen your employer brand at the same time? Further, increasingly the students choose to carry out their internship in another country, so internships abroad are very attractive for our students too. 

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Post a Master’s thesis assignment

Does your company have a project or research pending? Why not let a future professional do the assignment as a Master’s thesis, and let your company gain access to the newest knowledge from within the field? 

You can post your thesis work position here, or get help to find a suitable student for your project or research needs from Career Services. Contact us for further information at careerservices(at)hanken.fi.

For salary information and salary recommendations please visit The Finnish Association of Business School Graduates.