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Faculty and staff

Martin Fougère
Associate Professor in Politics and Business

» Track Manager for International Strategy and Sustainability

Wojciech Piotrowicz, Director of the HUMLOG Institute

Wojciech Piotrowicz

Associate Professor in Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility 

» Track Manager for Humanitarian Logistics 


Robert Ciuchita

Assistant Professor in Marketing

» Track Manager for Marketing

Sören Kock

Sören Kock

Professor in Management and Organisation

» Track Manager in Marketing and Management (Vaasa)

Peter Björk

Peter Björk

Professor in Marketing

Track Manager in Marketing a Managment (Vaasa)

Students and alumni

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"I spent an exchange semester at Hanken during my BA studies. I enjoyed Helsinki and its people in general, and the education at Hanken in particular, so I decided to apply for completing a Master's degree here as well.

I perceive the programme as an opportunity to share knowledge in the personal and international atmosphere prevailing at Hanken, while gaining multi-faceted background knowledge to use in making our South-North trading patterns more sustainable in the future.

Hanken is distinguished by a very informal, close and supportive network of students and university staff. Learning at Hanken is based on the interaction and commitment of everyone there. Though intensive and demanding, it's definitely enriching in more than just an educational dimension."

Sabine Maselkowski

"During my studies at Hanken I developed an ability to approach Management and Strategy matters critically and form multiple angles, which in my view is crucial to a successful career in international business organisations. The truly international study environment, with open communication and close collaboration between students and professors, was one of the best aspects of my experience."

Juan Luis Espinoza, Mexico

"I was very interested in international strategies in business due to my career first in the Embassy of Peru in Finland and later on as export key account manager for a private company. Also, sustainability has been one of my passions.

The atmosphere is just superb - international and academic, but with a great vibe of modern business culture and strive for continued learning, both professionally and personally.

Main learning at Hanken is to be able to see different perspectives on organizational situations and accept the importance of multi-stakeholder dialog, and it helped me improve communication with my fellow colleagues as well as shareholders.

[The programme] will exceed your expectations on many different levels!"

Ksenia Plyusnina,

"Already during my Bachelor's degree I was very interested in Sustainability and CSR so I took some summer courses and courses during my exchange studies in the field. Despite this topic being discussed today a lot, not many universities offer programmes in this field. Hanken attracted me because of this particular program.

I enjoy studies at Hanken, as I can choose different courses, which gives me flexibility in my learning. I think this is a great plus, since different courses support a more coherent and broader picture of business processes.

The structure of the studies is good. It allows one to take electives and complete the mandatory courses on time.

Hanken is a great school with great possibilities for students. It is a very student-friendly environment, and people want you to enjoy your time here. The career services are great. The events and programmes that are organized here support your career plan, and can help you find one if you haven't chosen it yet."

Kristina Talailo,

"I studied [a] general programme in International Business, however, I was lucky to understand that I wanted to continue to study logistics. I chose Hanken because it is a classical university with international networks all over the world. However, the main reason was a new program in Humanitarian Logistics, because it was exactly what I am interested in.

One thing I would like to highlight is Hanken's teachers who have a strong academic background and are very real life-oriented. Many of them have work experience in the field of sour tudies, so they can be your 'mentors' or 'true examples'. It is very important especially within the HumLog programme."

Anna Zhuravleva,