Professor Pia Polsa teaching students in a classroom
Some time ago, even if the topic was not familiar to me, I always got all the Asian masters students to mentor. I asked why and the response was that “you are so good with Asians”.
medical face mask
Global shortages of medical equipment and problems with supply chains have during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis once again shown the strong need for global cooperation in medical supply chain management. According to experts at Hanken School of Economics governments and international organisations have failed to learn several lessons from earlier disasters and epidemics.
In Hanken’s Summer Podcast, with three episodes per week in July and the beginning of August, the School’s experts speak about their research. In addition to that, they also give their best book recommendations.
Studenter med Hankenväska
This year Hanken admits in total 305 new students to the Swedish BSc programme in Helsinki and Vaasa. That amounts to 55 more students than in 2019.