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Disputation doktorsavhandling
Social media has become an integral part of today’s social life because it provides a space where people can interact with each other and with technologies such as algorithms across physical distance and other boundaries. These platforms can have a distinctly blurring impact also on contemporary work and organisational contexts in which they are increasingly used.
Fartyg som kör med full frakt fotat uppifrån
Hanken School of Economics (Hanken) has been granted EUR 377 000 through EU funding to focus on the resilience of freight transport networks in Europe.
“Our transport networks have never been so disruptive as they are today. We want to make the networks more resilient and more sustainable for the future”, says assistant professor Sarah Schiffling at Hanken's HUMLOG Institute.
Bok och pennor
In this news article we want to inform you about the following: 
Jul cropped
The question highlights the problems around our commercialised Christmas. In the CERS-blog Associate Professor Pia Polsa discusses our consumer culture around our Christmas traditions and how she has created a new identity for her family implementing an anti-consumption mindset.