| 21.09.2018

Would you like to do research at Harvard?

The SCANCOR-Weatherhead Partnership at Harvard University invites applications for fall 2019. The project facilitates scholarly residencies at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, at Harvard’s campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The application portal for fall 2019 residencies at SCANCOR-Weatherhead is now open! 1 November 2018 is the deadline for fall 2019 residencies.

SCANCOR-Weatherhead encourages scholarship on the role of organizations in global governance systems. The boundaries of corporations, NGOs, and nation-states continue to blur as these sectors overlap and interweave and the institutional orders of states and markets co-evolve.

SCANCOR-Weatherhead enables fluid exchange among a wide plurality of social scientists investigating this broad domain. More detailed information about the partnership may be found here and here.