| 10.03.2020

Hanken student Simon Karlsson awarded this year's Anders Wall scholarship

Simon Karlsson är årets Anders Wall-stipendiat 2020
This year’s Anders Wall scholarship is awarded to Hanken student Simon Karlsson. The scholarship of 125 000 SEK is one of the biggest ones awarded to a student at Hanken.

In addition to his studies at Hanken, Simon Karlsson has founded two companies on the Åland islands, Crestum and Alegro. Crestum is specialised in selling icecream and food products.on Åland. The company is growing fast and has around 25 young employees during summer. Alegro provides consumer goods to retailers and authorities.

Karlsson is also manager för the guest harbour in Mariehamn. The harbour is one of the biggest in Scandinavia and Karlsson has navigated it towards being more environment friendly.

Simon Karlsson has enormous potential and is a role model to other young entrepreneurs both at Hanken and nationally.
– In receiving this scholarship, I hope to be a source of inspiration for other future entrepreneurs. Sometimes things go very well, sometimes ok, and sometimes nothing goes your way. It’s all about taking advantage of the possibilities you get. I’m very grateful for the recognition the Foundation has shown me, says Karlsson.

The Anders Wall Foundation annually awards 2 MSEK in scholarships to young entrepreneurial talents in the fields of research, young entrepreneurship, international studies, and culture. The Anders Wall Foundation brings together a large group of young people interested in entrepreneurship and introduces them to the alumni network, Wallumni, that arranges regular meetings for its members.

More information:
Simon Karlsson
E-mail : simon@crestum.ax
Phone:+358 4573433723

Photo: Simon Karlsson's archive