| 16.09.2022

Blog: Working careers cannot be extended if working life makes people exhausted

Människa sitter och skriver vid dator och lutar huvudet i handen
The Finnish population is getting older and the number of people of working age is decreasing. One remedy offered is to extend working careers.

However, it is not enough to simply extend the working life if people's energies run out too soon. Then sustainability in working life is a better goal, writes Hanken's researcher Charlotta Niemistö in a new blog post.

Extending working careers has been on the agenda during several government periods for more than ten years in Finland. The idea of longer working careers is covered by the idea that work is primary and caring for, for example, children or other close relatives outside of work is secondary. At the same time, working life is increasingly adapting to the demands of the global 24/7 economy with its accelerating pace of work. The boundaries between work and spare time are blurred.

Read Charlotta Niemistö's blog post (in Finnish) here:
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The text was originally published on Mustread.fi on 16 September 2022.