| 29.05.2020

Academy of Finland funds HUMLOG Institute’s research project related to COVID-19

HUMLOG Institute’s research project Cash and/or Carry: The challenges and modalities of delivery in Covid-19 crisis has been selected in the special call for research into Covid-19 by the Academy of Finland.

The aim of the research project is to analyse the aid delivery mechanisms in complex emergencies, especially in responding to the global Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic has caused disruptions throughout the supply chain, resulting in short-term solutions, use of extra resources, and redesign of processes to implement social distancing measures. The project will address changes implemented in the supply chain, especially in-store and in the last mile delivery.

– The project will examine solutions developed in the immediate response phase, especially additional resources used, such as volunteers or military, review technology-based solutions that are used, and changes in processes, with a focus on best practices, says project leader Wojciech Piotrowicz, Director of the HUMLOG Institute and Associate Professor in Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility.

The Academy of Finland wanted to fast-track a special funding opportunity to support and accelerate research into the Covid-19 epidemic and the HUMLOG research project received 200 000 EUR from this grant.

This project complements the new EU H2020 project, HERoS, Health Emergency Response in Interconnected Systems, also a Covid-19 research project, co-ordinated by the HUMLOG Institute. While HERoS focuses on disruptions in medical supply chains, this project focuses on retail.

More information:

Wojciech Piotrowicz
Director of the HUMLOG Institute