Rector and Deans

Rector and Deans


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Karen Spens is the Rector of Hanken since 2015 and she will hold office for a term of five years, until 2020.

Karen Spens is Professor of Supply Chain Management and Corporate Geography at Hanken. Her research has mainly focused on humanitarian logistics in which she has published several books, co-founded the Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management as well as the Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Research Institute (HUMLOG Institute).

She has served at Hanken as the Dean of Education 2010-2015. During this time she was in charge of the development of the Assurance of Learning-process, which aims at improving student learning.

Karen Spens


At the moment Hanken has three Deans with different areas of responsibilities: research (Timo Korkeamäki), education (Minna Martikainen) and Executive Education and Operations in Vaasa (Sören Kock).

Hanken is to have a minimum of two Deans alongside the Rector. One of the Deans traditionally comes from the Vaasa campus. The Board appoints the Deans and the allocation of work is proposed by the Rector.

Dean of Research
Timo KorkeamäkiTimo Korkeamäki, Professor in Finance

As Dean of Research Timo Korkeamäki leads and plans matters related to research. He is responsible for the research service within the Centre for Research and International Affairs. Timo is also Chair in the PhD programme board, the directorate of the Center and member of the rectorate and the executive management at Hanken.

Timo’s area of expertise include corporate finance, financial markets, and financial institutions. He has published articles in a wide variety of academic outlets, including the Journal of Finance and the Journal of Corporate Finance. Timo has also published policy-related work for the Finnish Prime Minister's Office and in the Finnish Journal of Foreign Affairs.

Timo Korkeamäki

Dean of Education
Minna MartikainenMinna Martikainen, Professor in Accounting

As Dean of Education Minna Martikainen is chair of the Pedagogical Council. She is also a member of the rectorate and the executive management at Hanken.

Minna’s current research interests include corporate governance and ownership structures, insider trading, firm valuation together with profitability and growth of firms. Her latest interest specially include SMEs. Her publications include articles in journals such as Review of Accounting Studies, European Journal of Finance, International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Production Economics and Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance.

Minna Martikainen

Dean of Executive Education and Operations in Vaasa
Sören KockSören Kock, Professor in Entrepreneurship and Management

As Dean of Executive Education and Operations in Vaasa Sören is responsible for leading the operations in Vaasa and co-operating with other universities and higher education institutions in the Vaasa region. He is Head of the Hanken Executive MBA as well as the Executive Education in Vaasa. He is also involved in Hanken Business Lab at that location. Sören is a member of the rectorate and executive management. He is also Vice-Chair of the Academic Council.

Sören’s main research interests are coopetition, international entrepreneurship, and business networks. His research has been published in e.g. Industrial Marketing Management, International Small Business Journal, International Business Research, The Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, European Journal of Marketing and Competitiveness Review.

Sören Kock