Workshop med Academic Work om personlighetstest som används inom rekrytering

A516, Hanken (femte våningen)
Bild på Alexia Westerholm
Delta i denna workshop med Academic Work 5.10! Evenemanget går på engelska.

In this workshop Alexia Westerholm, a recruiter from Academic Work, will tell you why the use of recruitment tests has increased a lot. She will share insights about what recruiters are looking for, in other words why companies use these tests, how the test results are interpreted and what the candidates should think about before taking the tests. Every participant of the workshop will have the opportunity to take the recruitment test prior to the workshop and then go through the result during the workshop. 

At Academic Work we use 2 kinds of tests in our recruitments, a personality test and a non-verbal test that measures your problem-solving skills. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete the test. I strongly recommend everyone that participates in the workshop to take the tests in advance. The spots are limited in order for the participants to get as much out of the workshop as possible. Don’t forget to sign up! 

In case you have any questions for Alexia already before the workshop, don’t hesitate to reach out to