JOO studies at another university

Do you, as a student enrolled at Hanken, want to complete courses at another university, within a subject that Hanken does not offer?

Hanken's students wanting to complete JOO studies at another university

If you are a student at Hanken, and wish to apply for the right to complete a course at another university, please visit one of Hanken's study counsellors before submitting your application (the visit is mandatory!). The application is done at Joopas and you will be notified via the portal when the status of your application changes.

  •     You will have to submit a personal study plan (as a pdf) together with your JOO application. It has to include all your compulsory courses and the JOO courses that you wish to complete at the other university. Please note that if you wish to include JOO studies in your degree, the study plan should not exceed 120 credits (M.Sc) / 180 credits (BSc) - if you need help with this, please visit the Office of Study Affairs during opening hours well in advance before application deadline
  •     JOO study right is granted for a maximum of 15 credits / student / degree for bachelor and master's students
  •     You need to attach course descriptions for the course or courses you want to take
  •     Doctoral students need to get the course approved by their degree supervisor. Information about the courses offered by other universities is found on Joopas or on the web pages of the other university.

You can only apply for the right to complete studies within majors that are NOT offered at Hanken, such as psychology or pedagogics.

Application Periods

Please note that there is a specific application period for every participating university. Hanken's Office of Study Affairs wishes for Hanken students to hand in their applications to other universities submitted to Joopas by the beginning of April (for courses given at a another university during the following autumn term) and the beginning of October (for courses given during the following spring term). Deadline for Hanken's Helsinki students to apply for JOO study right for courses offered at other universities during spring term 2022 is on October 17, 2021.