While studying at Hanken you have a great opportunity to learn Swedish! Knowing the language will open you many doors not only in Finland and Sweden, but also in the rest of Scandinavia.

Welcome to the Swedish department's pages

Hanken's task is to educate the economists who will work for Finnish industry and society, both at home and abroad. This requires proficiency in both of the country's official languages. Students who have studied in the Swedish language at Hanken should have the skills necessary to communicate both orally and in writing in Swedish and in Finnish. The Swedish department's task is to assure that students can argue their case, make presentations, and write business letters and reports, etc. in good Swedish. This applies to students with either Swedish or Finnish as their native language. The courses taught by Hanken are intended to provide students with the education and training they will need in their future career.

Instructors Contact Information

Name Position Room Phone
Bergström, Marina (Vaasa) Lecturer 314 +358(0)403521752
Huldén, Barbara (Helsinki) Hourly-paid leacher A505  
Huvitus, Mari (Helsinki) Lecturer A506 +358(0)403521232
Peltola, Katja (Helsinki) Lecturer A506 +358(0)403521846
Stolt, Sofia (Helsinki) Lecturer A504 +358(0)403521402
Sundström, Charlotta (Helsinki) Lecturer A505 +358(0)403521352

Swedish as a Foreign Language

Courses in Swedish as a foreign language are offered on different levels. If you have never studied Swedish before, you are welcome to join the beginners' course, which is organised every term. If you already have some knowledge of Swedish, you can choose a course that suits your level best. Each course is marked with a level code according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. If you are not familiar with the system, please contact the teacher to discuss which course would suit you best.

Each course in Swedish as a foreign language is worth 3 ECTS. If you need more credits for your home university you can a) take the course Each One Teach One (2 ECTS), or b) ask for extra assignments. In Each One Teach One the idea is that you work with a Swedish speaking Hanken student who teaches you Swedish, and you teach your native language to him/her.

If you would just like to have a taste of Swedish, you can start the beginners' course at the beginning of the term and take the mid-term exam after the first period. This gives you 1.5 ECTS.

Minor in the national languages

The goal of the Minor in the national languages of Finland is to give international students basic skills in both Finnish and Swedish. The minor consists of 25 ECTS and the student should choose at least 10 ECTS in both languages, the remaining credits (5 ECTS) can be chosen freely.

Courses in Swedish are organised by Hanken and are open to students from Hanken, Aalto and Arcada. For more information (about the minor, the courses, enrolment etc.), please contact Katja Peltola (katja.peltola [a] hanken.fi).

Hanken organizes two courses in Finnish at elementary level, the rest of the course are offered by Aalto university.

The emphasis on all of the courses is on oral skills; however, basic grammar will also be covered. For course descriptions, see WebOodi


Kandidatstuderande som gått i skola i Finland på svenska avlägger ett s.k. mognadsprov i svenska som visar att de behärskar språket på modersmålsnivå. Kandidatstuderande som gått i skola i Finland på finska avlägger förutom ett mognadsprov på svenska också ett mognadsprov på finska.

Svenskt sammandrag

Du som skriver din magisteravhandling på engelska inom ett svenskt magisterprogram ska skriva ett svenskt sammandrag till din engelska avhandling. Bekanta dig med instruktionerna här.

Svenska som främmande språk

Hanken erbjuder kurser i svenska som främmande språk, Swedish as a foreign language, på olika nivåer. Studerande som inte har läst svenska tidigare är välkomna att delta i nybörjarkursen. Du som redan har lite kunskaper i svenska kan välja en kurs som bäst motsvarar din nivå. Nivå på kurserna utgår från den Gemensamma europeiska referensramen för språk (CEF). Om du inte är bekant med systemet kan du kontakta läraren och diskutera vilken kurs som bäst skulle passa dig.

Undervisande personal inom svensk afförskommunikation

Bergström, Marina (Vasa)


Ämnesansvarig i Vasa



Enberg, Caroline (Vasa)


Huvitus, Mari (Helsingfors)




Peltola, Katja (Helsingfors)


Svenska som främmande språk/Swedish as a foreign language



Stolt, Sofia (Helsingfors)


Ämneskoordinator och ämnesansvarig i H:fors, tillgodoräkningar, svenskspråkiga sammanfattningar, övrigt



Sundström, Charlotta (Helsingfors)


Mognadsprov, språkprov