63841 Theories and Research in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 6 cr

Doctoral studies
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Course Description: 

Theories and Research in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a doctoral course for logistics, supply chain management, and operations management students. Logistics and supply chain management have been criticised for not having an own theory, thus theory development as well as borrowing theories from other disciplines remain important in this field. There are also myriads of definitions of supply chain management as well as different perspectives on the overlaps between logistics, purchasing, transportation, operations management, and supply chain management. This course focuses on discussing core concepts as well as the boundaries of the field. Furthermore, it focuses on discussing the application of different theories to this field, as well as different approaches to theory building, theory testing, and borrowing theories from other disciplines.

This is a KATAJA course and the selection will follow Kataja's processes.

Learning Goal: 

You have an overview, and skills to analyse different theories that have commonly been applied to supply chain management.

After completing the course, you will be able to: 
  • Position your research in SCM literature
  • Analyse and discuss different approaches to theory building, testing, and borrowing theories
  • Analyse the boundaries of SCM as a discipline
  • Argue for your choices of theories for your dissertation, your concepts and constituencies, ontological and epistemological approach.
International Learning Experience: 

International cases are included in the assignments. The course is for doctoral students in the KATAJA network, and is provided by international faculty.

Target Group: 

Only doctoral students in logistics/SCM in the KATAJA network.

Total Student Workload: 

160 hours divided into
Scheduled (contact) hours: 40 h
Non-scheduled work: 120 h


Various individual assignments, group discussions, lectures and workshops

Literature and Course Material: 

To be announced (ca. 300 p. of articles)


The course consists of a reading package that students are requested to prepare prior to the course. Lectures will be given in a one week module. Students are expected to write a final assignment after the course that will be evaluated by the faculty. Participants will present their research proposal and discuss the role and use of theory in their research during the course, receiving feedback from faculty.

Limited Number of Participants: 

25 students will be admitted. Participants will be selected on the basis of their research proposal that should be sent in with the application.

Recommended Time of Performance: 

First/second year of doctoral studies.

Additional Information: 

See KATAJA's webpages for more information: www.kataja.eu