Courses Psychology of Advertising

23082 Psychology of Advertising , 4 sp

Intermediate studies
Teaching language
Course description

This course concentrates on understanding the psychological influences of advertisements. The main focus is on print and video advertising. During the course, you will decode print and video advertisements and analyze them to understand their psychological influence.  Literature on emotional and cognitive effects of advertising support the decoding tasks.

Learning Goal

You are able to identify, interpret and analyze the content and meaning of advertisements as means to influence consumers/stakeholders. You have basic knowledge of how visual and verbal language are used in advertising in order to influence consumer attitudes, emotions and purchase decisions.

After completing the course, you will be able to
  • determine how different visual and verbal language influences consumers psychologically
  • evaluate print and video advertisements
Total Student Workload

107 hours divided into
Scheduled (contact) hours: 14 h
Non-scheduled work: 93 h


Home Exam 40%
Team assignments 50%
Active participation 10%
Mandatory attendance Pass/Fail

  • Fennis, B. M. & Stroebe, W. (2016). The psychology of advertising. Second Edition. Oxon/New York : Routledge.
  • articles specified by the examiner.
Non-degree studies (Open University, JOO and Contract Studies)

Open university quota: 3
Quota for JOO-students: 3