Master's Degree Programme in English

Master's programme at Hanken
A Master’s degree from Hanken provides you the opportunity to specialise in your field of interest, be it Economics, Finance, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Humanitarian logistics, or even IP Law. 

Hanken's Master's Programme in a nutshell

  • MSc in Economics and Business Administration is a two-year leadership and business programme 
  • Coursework completed together with both students studying in English and in Swedish
  • Choose a specialisation offered in English or choose to study in Swedish. In addition, you can choose electives and you are strongly encouraged to go abroad on an exchange

The application will open on the first of November. Keep yourself up to date with our admissions by subscribing to our Application Newsletter. Register in our application portal to receive useful information, reminders and invitations to webinars.

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Specialisations at Hanken in Helsinki

Business and Management

  • International Strategy and Sustainability
  • Marketing
  • Humanitarian Logistics

Financial Analysis and Business Development

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Governance and Commercial Law


Intellectual Property Law

Specialisation at Hanken in Vaasa

General Management

  • Accounting and Commercial Law
  • Marketing, Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Finance

Excellent career prospects

Hanken alumni are well-placed on the job market holding leading positions both nationally and globally. Your studies at Hanken prepare you for a future career in e.g. financial advisory or management, consulting, auditing, industry, media, public administration or non-profit organisations. You will also be well-equipped to continue with PhD studies in Finland or abroad.