Marketing and Communication

The Marketing and Communication team can be reached trough The team consists of the following persons:

Annamari Huovinen

Marketing and Communication Manager

- Team leader
- Coordinates and is responsible for internal and external communication
- Responsible for Hanken's brand
+358 50 589 7097

Marlene Günsberg

Communications Specialist

- Responsible for media relations and research communication
- Responsible for publishing e.g. doctoral theses, the annual report, and Hanken Newsletter
+358 40 352 121

Maria Svanström

Communications Officer

- Responsible for production of printed and digital material
- Takes part in developing the research communication
+358 50 412 6027

Judith Buddingh'

Event Coordinator

- Planning and development of Hanken’s events
- Responsible for the event production at Hanken
+358 40 352 1213

Karolina Hurmerinta

Web Designer

Web development and content production
+358 50 361 0802

Natalia Boltovskaia

Marketing Coordinator

- Responsible for agent cooperation and student recruitment 
- Responsible for Hanken’s visibility as a place of study
- Responsible for Hanken’s visual guidelines
- Responsible for planning and implementing activities in relation to student recruitment
+358 40 352 1320

Gustaf Hafström

Online Marketing Coordinator

- Pruduction of visual marketing materials (video, podcasts, graphics etc.)
- Working with SEO marketing
+358 50 471 9519

Aino-Maija Markkula

Graphic Designer

- Design and production of material for Hanken's different communication channels
- Working with other marketing- and communications-related tasks

Melina Weckman

Marketing Assistant

- Keeping our social media channels up to date
- Student recruitment
+358 50 336 4585

Nicolina Massa

Communication assistant

- Produces news and content for the Hanken website
- Responsible for the weekly newsletter
- Updates the information for Info-TV (Helsinki and Vaasa)