Quantum är utrustat med avancerad datorutrustning
Quantum is a versatile meeting place that offers access to databases of company and financial data allowing for handling of big data. Modern technology allows for streaming of all teaching and events as well as real-time following of financial news.

Quantum is in restricted use during the summer 2021

Quantum computers (in Helsinki) can be booked from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 20:00. See below for which time can be reserved for the computers. Note that it is not allowed to come to Quantum or to use these databases without a reservation in advance! One cannot access Quantum with a personal key. The reception lets in everyone that has reserved a computer. Be sure to follow the safety instructions when visiting Quantum! Note that the last reservation can be reserved up until 20:00, which means that one cannot leave their belongings in Quantum and return when the reception is not available after 16:00! During 28.6. - 6.8. the receptionists while be  available only until 15:00. Hanken's main entrance will be locked during this whole time and Quantum will automatically lock after 20:00. Quantum is available, with the mentioned restrictions, as long as it is deemed safe ie is possible taking into account the pandemic situation and provided that the instructions are followed.

If the situation worsens then there can be changes in how Quantum is open!

See below for instructions if you have need of using databases remotely.

In normal circumstances the center of Quantum is a platform with 20 computer-equipped working stations, of which 10 are Bloomberg terminals surrounded by 5 big screens allowing simultaneous presentation of multiple sources. Quantum also offers a group-working oasis, standing tables for effective and quick meetings, and revolving multi-function chairs suitable for individual as well as group work.

Only the following terminals can be reserved in Helsinki:

Vilka datorer är i användning våren 2021 / Which computers are in use during spring 2021

Remote Access

Database EIKON is available remotely. To get remote access contact library(at)hanken.fi.

Factset, WRDS, Orbis and even now Capital IQ  and Bloomberg are accessible remotely! For more information over how to gain access see here

Other databases

All databases with financial and company information available at Hanken are presented on the library's homepage.

You can also read more about the sources of the databases in the libguide in finance. Your teachers and advisors can help you with questions on the data in the databases.


If you need help with using the databases you can contact quantum-help(at)hanken.fi with your questions. When needed a Teams meeting can be arranged to give help in the use of databases that are accessible remotely. 

The Helpdesk (staring 17.2.2021- ) will be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays 13-15 in Quantum.

The Helpdesk is unavailable Thursday 20th of May 2021!