Quantum är utrustat med avancerad datorutrustning
Quantum is a versatile meeting place that offers access to databases of financial data allowing for handling of big data. Modern technology allows for streaming of all teaching and events as well as real-time following of financial news.

During Fall 2020 Quantum will be open 24 h for all students that have their own key to the data lab. As long as the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing everybody should follow these instructions when using the lab. For Vasa Quantum contact toni.sundqvist@hanken.fi.

In normal circumstances the center of Quantum is a platform with 20 computer-equipped working stations, of which 10 are Bloomberg terminals surrounded by 5 big screens allowing simultaneous presentation of multiple sources. During these exceptional times not all terminals are in use because of social distancing requirements! Quantum also offers a group-working oasis (which is not recommended to be used during the pandemic), standing tables for effective and quick meetings, and revolving multi-function chairs suitable for individual as well as group work.

During the pandemic only the following terminals are in use:

Quantum datorer och databaser tillgängliga höst 2020

Remote Access

Databases EIKON and Factset are available remotely . To get remote access contact library@hanken.fi.

Other databases

All databases with financial and company information available at Hanken are presented on the library's homepage.

You can also read more about sources with financial data in the libguide in finance. Your teachers and advisors can help you with questions on the data in the databases.


A help desk for questions about SPSS or the financial databases is available in Quantum during the following times:  

Monday and Wednesday (5.10.2020 -  ) 1 - 3 p.m. 

The help desk is only available in Quantum Helsinki.

The help desk in Vasa is available upon agreement. Please contact toni.sundqvist@hanken.fi to agree a time in advance.