| 12.10.2019

Hanken launches new website

Hanken's website has been renewed! The renewal covers the design and site structure as well as the web platform.

Hanken's new website has been launched! It was launched on Saturday 12 October at 14:50.

The renewal is extensive and covers design, site structure as well as web platform. The goal has been to update the layout and design in order to make the website more versatile, flexible and visually engaging. We have also emphasised accessibility and ease of navigation for different target audiences. In addition, the web platform has been updated to a newer version of Drupal to improve the system's technical and security features.

We apologise for any inconveniences that may arise in connection with the renewal, and will continue working on improving the website. If you encounter problems with the website or want to send feedback, you can get in touch with us via: web-help@hanken.fi

Best wishes,

The web team