| 06.07.2021

Admission results now published for bachelor’s degree studies in Swedish

Huvudingången Hanken i Helsingfors
The results from the joint entrance exam in economic sciences have now been published for Hanken’s Bachelor degree programme in Helsinki and Vaasa. In June 2021 the entrance examination for future BSc students was arranged under strict security measures.

In the joint application you can be admitted to Bachelor degree studies in Swedish based on a Finnish matriculation examination (60 %) or based on the entrance examination (40 %). Of the new study places offered, at least 70 % are reserved for first time applicants. In total 258 new study places are offered to both locations (2020: 305; 2019: 250). In addition, 30 study places are offered in Economics in Helsinki.

In 2021, Hanken has for the first time admitted new students in a separate application based on certificates completed in Sweden. It was also possible to apply based on the the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test (SweSAT). Hanken has also this year admitted f students through the Fast Track and Open University studies, in total 62 persons.

Were you admitted to Hanken 2021? Congratulations on obtaining a study place! Read more about the study start on the page for new students!

On the waiting list? You can follow your admission results electronically through the My Studyinfo service. If you are on the waiting list, you can still be admitted until the 2nd August 2021 until 3pm.  Follow your e-mail carefully and also check your junk mail!

Were you not offered a study place? Check out our Fast Track package, where you complete 26 ECTS studies in economic sciences during one academic year. If you obtain at least grade 4/5 in all courses and fulfill Hanken’s Swedish language requirements, you can be offered a study place next autumn.

Read more about the Fast Track and aim for bachelor’s degree studies in 2022!

For more information contact: ansokan@hanken.fi