Courses in Finnish are offered on different levels at Hanken. For Finnish students we offer preparatory courses if needed before the obligatory business communication courses on B, C and native levels. We also offer advanced business communication courses and a possibility to choose Finnish as a minor. If you have never studied Finnish before, you are welcome to join the beginners' courses, which are organised every year.

Finnish as a foreign language

If you have heard somebody saying that Finnish is a difficult language, forget about it. Finnish is not difficult – it is a logical language with almost no exceptions. Certainly it is different: the unfamiliar vocabulary of Finnish makes it sound really different from many other languages we know. But once you get to know the basics of Finnish and start to use it in everyday situations, you realize that it just gets easier and easier.

While studying at Hanken, you have a great opportunity to learn the basics of Finnish language: we offer three courses at the elementary level and a so called tandem-course (Each One Teach One).

In 2020–2021 we offer the following courses in Helsinki:

  • Elementary Finnish 1A (5712), 3 ECTS
  • Elementary Finnish 1B (5713), 3 ECTS
  • Elementary Finnish 1C (5746), 2 ECTS
  • Each One Teach One (5711), 2 ECTS.

Elementary Finnish courses are worth 8 ECTS in total. Besides or instead you can also take the Each One Teach One -course. In Each One Teach One you learn Finnish from another student while teaching him/her your own language.

The emphasis on the courses is on oral skills: you learn to use Finnish in everyday communicative situations. You will have an understanding not only of the basic Finnish structures but also of the Finnish way of life. More detailed course descriptions can be found in WebOodi.

In case you are willing to continue your Finnish studies after the elementary courses, Hanken offers a possibility to study more at Aalto University, at Otaniemi Campus. The contact person for all Finnish courses at Aalto is Inkeri Lehtimaja (




Name Position Room Phone
Dahlin, Johanna (Vaasa) Lecturer 336 +358(0)503507217
Del Gaudio, Anna Lecturer A508 +358(0)403521260
Nilsson-Väre, Marit (Vaasa) Senior Lecturer 328 +358(0)503715515
Åkers, Ann-Marie (Helsinki) Lecturer A508