5160-V Academic Writing, 5 cr

Language studies
Teaching language: 
Course Description: 

The course focuses on the academic thesis or paper: structure and coherence, academic language and style, and writing conventions.

This course is primarily intended for Masters students. It is compulsory for students taking English as a minor and it is highly recommended to students on the English Masters programmes. Also, this course can be used by students in Swedish Masters programmes to obtain the right to submit one's thesis in English.

The target level of the course is CEFR C2.

The course is 5 ECTS from 1.8.2018.

Learning Goal: 

You have an understanding of the fundamentals of academic writing and the reasons for the current structure of an academic paper. You are familiar with different academic genres, and are able to write and edit complex academic papers.

After completing the course, you will be able to: 
  • apply internationally accepted writing conventions for academic papers;
  • produce a term paper and/or a Master's thesis.

The entry level of the course is CEFR C1/C2 (High operational proficiency level of English).

Knowledge of Swedish is not required.

Total Student Workload: 

134 hours divided into:
Scheduled (contact) hours: 20 hrs
Non-scheduled work: 114 hrs


Instruction consists of class-room lectures and independent work with Moodle exercises and quizzes, teaching videos, written assignments and an end-of-term paper, followed by online feedback and individual tutorials. Mandatory class-room attendance. 

Literature and Course Material: 

Swales J W & Feak C B (2012): Academic Writing for Graduate Students, 3rd Edition. Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Press.

Additional material to be specified in class.


Final paper 40%
Written assignments 30%
Moodle quizzes 15%
In-class participation 15%.

Recommended Time of Performance: 

At the beginning of Master's studies.

Non-degree studies (Open University, JOO and Contract Studies): 

University of Vaasa quota: 20

Students from the University of Vaasa need to register with an e-form available on the Hanken website: Studies->Study practicalities->Forms.

Open university quota: 3
Quota for JOO-students: 3

Open University students register through the Open University and JOO-students with the Office of Study Affairs.