Hanken Network Day

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The biggest networking event at Hanken!


Hanken Network Day is a forum for networking where students and company representatives meet during one day. Hanken Network Day is arranged annually in the end of September at Hanken in Helsinki and this year the event will be organised for the seventh time.


This is a unique chance for the students to learn more about different career paths and make valuable contacts with interesting companies. For the companies it is a more than excellent chance to make a good impression on possible future colleagues.

Theme: First Impressions

Did you know that it doesn't take more than a few seconds to make a judgement about someone else? In order to make a good impression on potential employers and colleagues it is therefore essential to think about and work on the impression you are making. Luckily, we can all affect that impression.

Hanken Network Day is an excellent opportunity to take the first step and start thinking about how to present yourself in the best light. During the day, different kinds of meetings will be organised during which you can polish these skills.


Pre-event 14 September

This year we will also organise a preparing event a week before with Coach Alexandra Ohls from AO Coaching & Consulting. During the event, you will have the chance to hear more about how you can make the most out of a networking fair and how exactly you should network at for example Hanken Network Day. Read more and register here.



Keynote: Arman Alizadarman_alizad_kuvaajan_nimi_mike_siren.jpg

The day will start with an inspiring keynote by one of Finland's most famous TV-personalities Arman Alizad. Arman will talk about how he built his career and reached his dream job in a tough industry. The keynote will be held in English.

Speed Interviews

A speed Interview, much like "Speed Dating", allows you and the company representant to assess whether there is a common interest for future cooperation. The total length of the interview is 15 minutes and you should be prepared for though questions.
The registration will open in September.

CV/LinkedIn check-ins

Do you have questions regarding how to structure your CV or LinkedIn profile or which skills and qualifications you should highlight in your application documents? During the CV/LinkedIn check-in you will have the opportunity to personally ask for both general advice and tips for more specific positions, with current or future application processes in mind. Keep in mind that your CV or LinkedIn profile will be sent to the company representant when you register.
The registration will open in September.

Elevate your elevator pitch

How should you present yourself to someone and make him or her interested in you if you only have 30 seconds to do so? Your personal pitch, your story, is something that you can use for example when you happen to bump into an important person, during a job interview or when you are networking at a cocktail event.

Now you have the chance to practice your pitch! Prepare a 30 second long pitch about your professional self for a company representative. After the pitch, you will have around 10 minutes to discuss how it went and work on the pitch together. 
The registration will open in September.

After work and networking dinner

After the inspiring day, it is time for some mingling and networking with good drinks and food. We will start at 17.00 at "Torget" with some bubbly and speed networking and will continue the evening at Casa with a networking dinner at 18.00.

All company and startup representatives that are participating in Hanken Network Day are welcome to attend the after work and dinner for free. There will also be space for around 30 students (registration will open in the autumn).

Price list for exhibitors

Hanken Premium partners: 0 €. Sign up here.
Hanken Partners and Branding partners: 0 €. Sign up here.
Non-partners: 2000 € + VAT. Sign up here.
Hanken startups (The Foyer balcony): 0 €. Sign up here.
Non-Hanken startups (The Foyer balcony): 500 € + VAT. Sign up here.

-10% when participating in an activity*
* =  During the day extra activities such as CV Check-Ins and Speed Interviews will be organised. 

You can check out the atmosphere at Hanken Network Day 2016

Do not hesitate to contact Career Services at careerservices@hanken.fi in case you have any questions regarding Hanken Network Day!