Decision-making and Advisory Bodies

Hanken's activities are governed by University College, the Board, the Rector and the Academic Council.

The Administration of the School

All universities in Finland, Hanken among them, are primarily regulated by the Universities Act (558/2009) and the Universities Decree (770/2009). The most important internal rules for the School are the instructions for administrations,

the Instructions for Personnel and the election instructions.

The University Council

The University Council has 18 members representing the different personnel groups at Hanken as well as the students. The Council appoints the external members of the Board, the auditors for the School and the Academic Council. It approves the financial statement and grants the Board and the rector a discharge from liability.

The Board

The Board is the highest decision-making body of the School. It consists of 10 members, five of whom are employed by the School, four are external members while one represents the student body. The elected Chair is always external, at present Jannica Fagerholm is chair of the Board. The mandate of the current Board expires 31 December 2021.

The Board decides on most issues of a strategic nature, such as the activity and economic plan as well as the budget. The Board is responsible for the economy of the School and the allocation of its funds. The Board must approve the performance agreement with the Ministry for Education. The Board appoints the Rector and decides on admissions. The Rector is no longer a member of the Board.

The Rector and Deans

The Board appoints the Rector for a period of maximum five years at a time. The Board appoints a minimum of two Deans proposed by the Rector. One of the Deans traditionally comes from the Vaasa campus. Professor Karen Spens was appointed Rector for a five-year period commencing 1 August 2015. The Deans are professors Jaakko Aspara, Anders LöflundMinna Martikainen and Sören Kock.

The Rector exercises general authority as stated in the Universities Act, i.e. she heads the school, she is responsible for preparing and carrying out the decisions of the Board and takes decisions on all matters that are not expressly the business of some other body. The Rector employs all personnel unless she has delegated this right in some specific case.

The Academic Council

The Academic Council is responsible for issues relating to teaching and research. The Rector heads the Council; its members represent the various departments and the language centre as well as the School's personnel groups and the students. The University Council appoints the Academic Council.

The Examination Board

The Examination Board is a legal body, which tries claims for redress regarding completed courses. The Chair is Professor Na Ri Lee. The student body and the doctoral students of the School are also represented on the Examination Board.

Members (deputy in brackets): Professor Na Ri Lee, Chair (Prof. Matti Kukkonen), Associate Professor Henrik Höglund (Associate Professor Mikael Laakso) and Student Elin Bergman (Student Sofia Slotte).

Term of office is 2017-2019

The Departments and the Department Councils

Hanken's four departments are run by the respective heads of each department and a Department Council. Both are appointed by the Rector and proposed by the teachers and researchers of the department.

Head of Departments    
Finance and conomics   Timo Korkeamäki
Management and Organisation   Sören Kock
Marketing   Peter Björk
Accounting and Commercial Law   Minna Martikainen

The Head of Department is responsible for the administration of the economy and approves the work plans. He or she supervises all department personnel. The department council proposes the curriculum, the personnel plan and the budget of the department. The department council also makes proposals for employing personnel other than professors.

The Administration

The Administration prepares and carries into effect the decisions taken by the various bodies of the organization. It acts as employer and administrates the economy, the School's real estate and studies. It co-ordinates both the School's recruitment services and the tuition at the Open University. The Administration assists the Rector in matters concerning public relations, information and development.