Career seminars and case-exercises

After a broad academic education awaits an even broader labour market!

To find the right job, it’s imperative to find a focus point in the job search. Career Services arranges seminars about career planning and job searching for Hanken students. We also offer the opportunity to try out the things discussed during workshops in practice through simulated case-exercises

Through career seminars:

  • You create a perception of your skills and a means to present them effectively
  • You gain knowledge on what the labour market looks like
  • You can more easily make choices and decisions about your studies and your career
  • Your job searching skills are improved

Themes for career seminars

Career Services’ seminars have reoccurring themes. We invite experts from various companies to deal with subjects such as:

  • How to write a good job application and CV
  • Experts telling about their choice of career or their field of expertise
  • What it takes to succeed in assessment and aptitude tests
  • How to successfully negotiate your salary

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Case workshop

Practice makes perfect! This applies both for hobbies and in the workplace. Career Services, in cooperation with experts from a variety of organisations, periodically arranges workshops on how to think about and solve cases. The area of focus can, for example, be marketing, finance or HR. Being prepared and having trained on cases provides a great advantage in future recruitment processes and in working life.

The workshop begins with a brief introduction that brings together important basics in case solving. After this we come together to solve the case and try to work out how a solution might look like.

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