| 05.12.2022

SSHV chose Lecturer of the Year in Vaasa

Jesper Haga är årets föreläsare i Vasa 2022
On 3 December, during the Student Association at Svenska handelshögskolan i Vasa's annual party, the Lecturer of the Year was awarded. Associate professor Jesper Haga, who teaches finance, was awarded the title. The choice was based on Haga's broad knowledge of finance and his enthusiasm and positive charisma.

The students particularly appreciated the interactive lectures.  

- I am of course extremely happy about the award. It has been a pleasure to teach with the students present in the classrooms again. During this year's courses, I put extra emphasis on the interaction in the classrooms, so I would like to thank all the students who participated in the discussions during the lectures. Much of the knowledge is created in the interaction between lecturer and student, says Jesper Haga.