| 20.08.2020

PhD Course: “Responsible Organising: New Perspectives on Social Inequalities”

The aim of the course is to give an in-depth overview of the current state and contribution of Responsible Organising research on social inequalities.

At the core of Responsible Organising (RO) is research on how different actors are organising for transformative action towards sustainability, as expressed in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Responsible Organising (RO) is one of Hanken's four Areas of Strength, which has been evaluated as reaching highest international standard. 

Common for RO research is a rejection of the idea that moral concerns and business decisions are something separate. Instead, within RO ethics/morality and business as inseparable, intertwined, and interconnected. Simultaneously it recognizes the complexity, multifacetedness, and intersectionality of societal inequalities.

The course brings together faculty from different subjects to explore the intersections between social responsibility and social inequalities. 

After completing the course, you will be able to: 
•    evaluate different perspectives on social inequalities; 
•    position your own research in relation to different Responsible Organising perspectives; 
•    understand the evolution of Responsible Organising research and how you can contribute to that evolution; 
•    collaborate with other researchers to develop research ideas into joint paper. 

Eden Kataja Doctoral Seminar on “Responsible Organising: New Perspectives on Social Inequalities”
9th - 13th of November
Course is held online.
ECTS assigned: 6 

Application deadline : September 1, 2020 

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If you have questions, you can contact Research Coordinator Hanne Dumur-Laanila.

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