The Board of Hanken

The Board is the highest decision-making body of the School. It consists of 10 members, five of whom are employed by the School, four are external members while one represents the student body.

The elected Chair is always external, at present Jannica Fagerholm is chair of the Board. The mandate of the current Board expires 31 December 2021.The Board decides on most issues of a strategic nature, such as the activity and economic plan as well as the budget. The Board is responsible for the economy of the School and the allocation of its funds. The Board must approve the performance agreement with the Ministry for Education. The Board appoints the Rector and decides on admissions. The Rector is responsible for implementing the strategic decisions approved by the Board.Board
Term of Office 1.1.2019-31.12.2021Chairman: Jannica FagerholmMembers:
Sampo Sauri
Kristina Heinonen
Kenneth Högholm
Mikko Vesa
Sofia Stolt
Rasmus SinnemaaExternal members:
Roger Holm
Jannica Fagerholm
Janne Larma
Agneta MarellFor more information please contact the secretary of the Hanken Board, planning manager Helena Strandell