The Research Council, Education Council and Academic Council

The old Academic Council has held its last meeting 6.2.2019. The new bodies, the Research Council and the Education Council, will hold their first meetings in the beginning of March.

According to the new rules of procedure for the administration, approved by the Board in December, Hanken has a Research Council and an Education Council. Members for the new Councils have been suggested, and will be appointed by the University collegium 26.2.2019.Preliminary timetable for the Councils' meetings Research Council Wednesdays 6.3 at 11-13, 8.5, 28.8, 2.10 and 27.11 at 10-12.Education Council Tuesdays 5.3, 9.4, 11.6, 10.9 and 26.11 at 10-12.Academic Council Monday 18.3 at 10-12, Thursday 23.5 at 14-17, Wednesday 21.8 and 31.10 at 10-12.The Research Council and the Education Council will also have non-physical meetings, primarily for the approving of theses. These timetables will be set shortly. During spring all deadlines for submitting Master's theses will follow the ones that were set already in the autumn.