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Agnieszka Jach

Associate Professor in Financial Mathematics and Statistics
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+358 40 352 1365


Statistics (Helsinki)

Doctor of Philosophy, Mathematics, Utah State University, United States, 2006

Working papers:

A general comovement measure for time series


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Some correlations

Latest publications
Agnieszka Jach, Tucker McElroy2019,'Testing Collinearity of Vector Time Series',The Econometrics Journal,vol. 22,no. 2,pp. 97-116.
Agnieszka Jach, Karl Felixson2019,'Short-, Long- and Cross-Term Comovement of OMXH25 Stocks',Nordic Journal of Business,vol. 68,no. 3,pp. 23-39.,
Agnieszka Jach, Saara M. Hartikainen, Aurea Grané, T. Matthew Robson2018,'Assessing scale-wise similarity of curves with a thick pen',Ecology and Evolution,vol. 8,no. 20,pp. 10206-10218.,