| 12.10.2022

Hanken creating new innovation platform for young entrepreneurial talent

Ronny Eriksson i Hanken Venture Studios utrymmen
Hanken School of Economics' new initiative, Hanken Venture Studio, aims to create around 20 new companies within the next two years. The project is being partly funded by the City of Helsinki's Campus Incubators programme.

Hanken Venture Studio is a forum for those interested in starting a business, whether they be an individual or a group. The core concepts of the initiative are development, lifelong-learning and change. 

"If you are interested in problem-solving, looking for a new job, wanting to start your own business or are generally curious about creating innovation and driving change, Hanken Venture Studio is the place for you," explains co-founder Ronny Eriksson.

No previous entrepreneurial experience is needed to participate in the programme, and participants do not have to have ready-made concepts or teams, since they can be developed later in the programme. At least one of the group members must have some connection to Hanken. The program encourages diversity within the teams, with members both from Hanken and outside. 

"We welcome students and alumni alike. The best teams usually contain a combination of both. Hanken Venture Studio aims to be the most easy, approachable gateway back into university," says Ronny Eriksson.

According to Eriksson, Hanken has the potential to become a leading player in entrepreneurial innovation both across the Nordic region and worldwide. For instance, companies in Hanken's business incubator initiative Hanken Business Lab Opens in new window have already raised venture capital of over EUR 60 million in recent years. Hanken Venture Studio maintains a close cooperation with Hanken Business Lab, which primarily helps existing companies achieve growth.

“In partnership with other Helsinki universities, we are now going to build on the expertise already existing. We wish to offer companies and individuals alike new opportunities for entrepreneurship and growth, and to encourage more young people to become entrepreneurs.

While the official inauguration of Hanken Venture Studio is not taking place until after New Year's, the project has already commenced, with eight different business ideas in fields such as fintech, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and the service sector.