| 25.08.2020

Accountor interested in Hanken students

En hög kontorsbyggnad med havet i bakgrunden.
As an active Hanken Branding Partner, Accountor wishes to co-operate with students, for example in the work with their thesis, or to be a potential future employer.

In the beginning of 2020, Hanken's Partner Programme got a new member, when Accountor became a Hanken Branding Partner. Accountor is a company that provides financial and HR -services and related software to companies. Accountor is present in seven countries, says Chief Marketing Officer Katarina Ylikorkala.

”We want be forerunners in the financial and HR fields, and be able to offer the newest when it comes to digitalization of the business. Hanken’s students have a possibility to build their career into the future with us.”

Hanken’s students were the ones that motivated Accountor to join Hanken’s Partner Programme.

”We want to co-operate with Hanken, because we are interested in Hanken students as our future colleagues. We know Hanken students study accounting, but also other subjects that we can offer careers in, and that they often work in the private sector when they have finished their studies”, says Ylikorkala.

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic has made things more difficult, Accountor wants to be active in the partnership.

“We think that it is very important to have a direct contact to the students at Hanken, and we wanted to offer the students an interface to us. We hope that they will be interested in Accountor and consider us as an alternative when they for example write their thesis or are looking for a future employer”, says Ylikorkala.

Photo of Accountor Tower: Iiro Rautiainen.

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