| 11.12.2023

Important to inform us about ”freemover” mobilites abroad 2023

Have you studied/completed an internship abroad as a freemover in 2023? In other words, have you organized your exchange by yourself (not via Hanken´s exchange programme) and plan to transfer the credits you completed abroad to your MSc degree at Hanken?

In that case we kindly ask you to fill out the following questionnaire (it will take only a couple of minutes) at the latest by 8 January 2024:


Just like all other universities in Finland, Hanken has an obligation to submit annual statistics on students' studies and internships abroad to the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The Office of Research and International affairs at Hanken collects the relevant data for this purpose.

As it is very important to report comprehensive data regarding student mobility at Hanken, we also ask students enrolled in any of the Master programmes in English to inform us about their possible freemover exchange studies/internships abroad during 2023.
If you have questions, please contact outgoing.mobility(at)hanken.fi or phone + 358 (0)40 3521 379 (Johanna Liljequist).

Thank you for your help!

The Office of Research and International Affairs