| 05.05.2023

The FII index ranks top innovative companies in Finland

Finnish Innovation Index 2023
The Finnish Innovation Index (FII) is a national indicator of the perceived innovativeness of companies among Finnish consumers. The annual ranking conducted at Hanken School of Economics lists the most innovative companies according to Finnish consumers.

In addition to commercial innovation, another dimension of innovation considered is social innovation, meaning the extent to which companies benefit society and the environment through their innovations. The FII Social Innovation Index quantifies the perceived contribution to society through innovation. It is unique in its focus not only on environmental sustainability but on the societal good as well.

The most innovative companies were identified based on the national survey conducted among 5000 consumers who evaluated 64 companies across 19 industries on key metrics, including value proposition, customer treatment, customer loyalty, and company attractiveness.

The results of the FII show that meaningful innovation which integrates solutions for society’s grand challenges is part of what makes these companies stand apart from their competitors. The index shows that companies with an intent to make societal difference are perceived as more attractive on the market. Therefore, companies excelling in both social and commercial innovation achieve success.

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Kristina Heinonen
Professor in marketing
Founder of the Finnish Innovation Index

Wilhelmina Syrenius
Project Coordinator