The thesis process

Information for degree supervisors on the doctoral thesis examination process at Hanken

Information on the Submission of Doctoral Theses:

The Doctoral Thesis Examination Process
  • AC-decision 29 October 2014:
    • Degree and thesis supervisors who are disqualified due to direct engagement in the thesis or personal relationship to the student (Swe. ‘jävig’), emeritus professors and other persons not employed by Hanken cannot act as administrator to the AC in matters concerning doctoral theses. 
    • It is recommended that the chair is a professor employed by Hanken within the major represented by the doctoral student.
  • Instructions for composite theses
  • Information about current fee for pre-examiners and opponents can be obtained from the department secretary
  • General information for external reviewers and opponents here:
    Instructions for reviewers and opponents

    Instructions for reviewers and opponents

    (in addition to the assessment form sent by the registrar to all reviewers and opponents).

Links to the most important forms for you as a degree supervisor in the thesis process:

(Please note that you are called 'administrator' in the forms)