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Economics (Helsinki)

Doctor of Social Sciences, Economics, Åbo Akademi University, Finland, 1991

Rune Stenbacka is Professor of Economics at Hanken School of Economics since 1996.

Rune Stenbacka is a co-editor of Journal of Economics and Management Strategy (2018-) and an associate editor of International Journal of Industrial Organization (2005-). He has served as associate editor for European Economic Review (2003-2012), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2005-2014) and The Journal of Industrial Economics (1993-1996). Stenbacka has published in journals like, for example, The Economic Journal, Economic Theory, European Economic Review, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, The Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of Mathematical Economics, Management Science and Review of Finance.

Professor Stenbacka's research has predominantly focused on industrial economics, in particular applied oligopoly theory as well as the analysis of competition strategy and competition policy. He has also made contributions to the theory of financial intermediation, to labour economics, and to the economics of technology.

Stenbacka has been a member of the Board and served as Dean of Research at Hanken School of Economics. He served as co-director for the Research Unit of Economic Structures and Growth  (RUESG) at the University of Helsinki 2004-08 (Center of Excellence in Research). He has also been Professor of Industrial Economics at the School of Business, Economics and Law at University of Gothenburg and Mercator Professor at University of Freiburg.

Rune Stenbacka has been a member of the Competition Council in Finland, the Advisory Group for Competition Policy at the European Commission and the Council for Competition Research in Sweden. He has also served as a review panel member of Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (Sweden). Stenbacka has actively conducted expert consulting focusing on market analysis, competition policy and regulatory issues for major Finnish and Swedish companies.

2646 Economics of Strategy, Hki( - )
26033 Competition Economics, Hki( - )
Selected publications
Rune Stenbacka, Oz Shy2020,'Common ownership, institutional investors, and welfare',Journal of Economics & Management Strategy,vol. 29,no. 3,pp. 706-723.
Rune Stenbacka, Oz Shy2020,'Active Investors, Passive Investors, and Common Ownership',AEA Papers and Proceedings ,vol. 110,pp. 565-568.
Rune Stenbacka, Mihkel Tombak2020,'Competition between For-Profit and Nonprofit Health Care Providers and Quality',Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics,vol. 176,no. 2,pp. 243-275.
Rune Stenbacka, Mihkel Tombak2020,'University-firm competition in basic research and university funding policy',Journal of Public Economic Theory,vol. 22,no. 4,pp. 1017-1040.