| 25.11.2020

Hanken professor Christian Grönroos number two in the world among marketing researchers according to an international study

Hanken Professor Christian Grönroos has been ranked as number two among marketing researchers, according to a study by researchers from Stanford university, published in the prestigious scientific journal PLOS Biology.

The list includes the two percent of the top researchers globally in a number of academic disciplines calculated based on citations during their careers. Christian Grönroos was one of the pioneers in service marketing in the late 1970s and has been an active researcher since then.
The survey shows that Grönroos still has a significant influence on the marketing discipline as he ranks third on the list of citations in marketing in 2019. Also several other researchers in marketing with affiliation to Hanken can be found on this list: Christian Kowalkowski who has been an associated researcher at Hanken on place 112, Kaj Storbacka who is currently Hanken Foundation Professor on place 138, Kristina Heinonen, Professor in marketing at Hanken on place 178, Magnus Söderlund, CERS Senior Fellow at Hanken on place 266, and Johanna Gummerus, Assistant Professor in marketing at Hanken on place 308. This result demonstrates the Hanken researchers' strong influence on the marketing discipline.
The databases include the 100,000 most cited researchers from 22 major research areas. In addition, there is data on the most cited two percent of researchers in 176 more specific research fields. The quantitative rankings material is available here.

Christian Grönroos is the only one in Finland among the top 1% of researchers in the world in the category of economics and business economics
Christian Grönroos also excels in another recently published ranking of researchers in economics and business The listing is based on citations in the field. 
Another Hanken affiliated researcher listed is Professor Joseph Sarkis in Logistics ("Engineering").
The listing is published annually as Clarivate Highly Cited Researchers. Information of the list can be found here.