| 04.06.2019

Hanken participates in space project Kvarken Space Center

Hanken is co-establishing Kvarken Space Center together with nine other universities and institutions in Sweden and Finland. The University of Vaasa is leading the project.

In addition to developing innovations, the centre will be launching its own small satellite into space and deploying a ground station for satellite data. The University of Vaasa leads the nearly three-year research and development project.Hanken’s part of the project is business development around the space and satellite work, says Peter Björk, Professor of Marketing at Hanken in Vasa and involved in the project.“In the long run we are hoping that this project will bring new business opportunities and that it will place the Kvarken region on the space technology map”, says Björk.
Business opportunities in space are for example how companies can use data that is measured and collected from the surface of Earth by the satellites.
”The small satellites that are planned for this project can collect different types of data when they circle Earth. If you use forestry as an example, you can read off forest stand, fire damages and windfalls. This is information that forest companies and rescue services can use, among others. You can also see the infrastructure of countries and cities with a focus on development opportunities”, says Björk.According to the plans, Kvarken Space Center will become a long-lasting innovation centre of the new space economy, helping businesses in the Kvarken region on both sides of the gulf to develop business opportunities and use available space data. The goal is to generate a strong ecosystem that utilises space in the Kvarken region.More information on Hanken’s part in the project:
Peter Björk
Professor of Marketing
VaasaRead more about the project on University of Vaasa web page (external link).