Courses and study plans in the subject Marketing

This page is about courses and study plans in marketing.

Marketing is a field that changes continually. Our course selection develops constantly to follow trends and changes in the discipline, industries and  markets. This involves that the course selection and study plans are updated yearly. Be therefore careful to follow your own year's study plan and check the changes in the course selection. Further down on this page you can see the changes in the course selection during the academic year 2017-2018.

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Relevant information on other pages:

  • The general study plan for the Bachelor's studies in the integrated Bachelor's and Master's programme can be found on this page and for the Master's studies here.

*older study plans can, at the moment, be found in WebOodi. Go to Study guide and choose the Department of Marketing.

  • Be careful to choose the correct location of study
  • When you are in the chosen study handbook, you can change the academic year with the help of the drop down menu in the upper part of the page (on the left hand side).

Exchange studies/ Internship abroad

The Bachelor's studies include exchange studies or an internship abroad. If you choose exchange studies, it is recommended that you take courses that can be included in your degree. Normally, exchange students take courses in a separate minor subject.

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If you have questions:

  • That are about specific courses – contact the teacher of the course. To find out who is the teacher, take a look at the course description in WebOodi.
  • Study plans and planning your studies:
    • General planning of studies – study counselling.
    • On replacing marketing courses in your programme: contact the teacher of the course you want to replace.
    • To get courses transferred to your exam: In Helsinki, contact Åke Finne for Bachelor's level and the Head of Subject for Master's level. In Vaasa, contact Peter Björk.
  • On courses during your exchange that can be transferred to your major or minor subject in marketing – contact Åke Finne if you are on Bachelor's level and the Head of Subject if you are on Master's level in Helsinki. If you travel from Hanken in Vaasa, contact Peter Björk.

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