Regional collaboration

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Community outreach and engagement

By having operations in both Helsinki and Vaasa, Hanken recognizes its role in developing and contributing to each region. In addition to disseminating new knowledge, both Hanken’s faculty and staff and the support staff take part in the regional development by being members of boards and committees and collaboration projects.

The Helsinki Alliance

The Helsinki Alliance is a cooperation between Swedish speaking and bilingual universities and schools of applied science in Helsinki. Members of the collaboration are Aalto University, Arcada, Hanken School of Economics, University of Helsinki, University of Arts, and the Swedish School of Social Sciences.

The aim of the alliance is to strengthen and secure high-class university education in Swedish as well as to jointly bear the responsibility for the region remaining bilingual. The collaboration takes form in a number of expert groups working with for example:

  • Joint marketing efforts in Finland and the Nordics, where the so called Högskoledagen (University Day) is the biggest effort
  • A joint web page that informs about study possibilities in Swedish in Helsinki
  • Language education for students and staff at all member universities as well as language revision of master’s theses
  • Efforts in securing the availability of Swedish speaking teachers in southern Finland
  • Law education across universities as well as teaching materials in Swedish within law studies
  • Joint IT-solutions

The collaboration has also resulted in a permanent, shared Swedish speaking study psychologist.

The Advisory Committee for the Helsinki Alliance consists of the rectors of each university as well as three external members.

For more information about the activities and contact information to the coordinator of the alliance, please visit the web portal Studera I Helsingfors

Vaasa higher education consortium

The consortium for higher education in Vaasa consists of six higher education member: University of Vaasa, Åbo Akademi University (Vaasa), Hanken School of Economics, Vasa University of Applied Sciences, Novia University of Applied Sciences, and the Vaasa-based law education at the University of Helsinki.

The aim of the collaboration is to improve the information flow between the member units, increase the knowledge about each other, develop Vaasa’s image as a university city, increase the attractiveness among potential students (national and international), and to spread a unified message about the higher education units in Vaasa. Within the consortium there are many function specific working groups.

The consortium cooperates tightly with other regional actors, such as the City of Vaasa and Vaasa Region Development Company. As a part of this collaboration, the parties for example planned and executed the Pop-up Ostrobothnia event in Helsinki together with the Regional Council of Ostrobotnia and Expo Ostrobothnia.

Read more about the consortia here.