| 11.06.2020

Hanken ranks number 1 in the Nordics for research citation rate, in U-Multirank

Hankens huvudbyggnad med flaggorna i topp.
Hanken ranks at top among Finnish universities in U-Multirank, for research citation rate, top cited publications, and international student mobility.

In U-Multirank’s yearly ranking, Hanken scores at the top of Finnish universities in terms of research citation rate and top cited publications, as well as international student mobility. For research citation rate, Hanken is number one among all universities in the Nordic countries.

Since the first U-Multirank ranking in 2014, Hanken has been ranked among the very top among universities globally, when it comes to research and research linkages. In this year’s ranking, Hanken continues at the top, ranking 65th in terms of research citation rate, of the over 1,600 universities globally.

The research citation rate refers to the average number of times the university's research publications are cited academically; adjusted (normalised) at the global level to take into account differences in publication years and to allow for differences in citation customs across academic fields.

- We are particularly happy about the fact that Hanken continues to rank number one among Finnish universities in terms of the key indicators of scientific impact: citation rate and top-cited publications. For citation rate, Hanken is even the best of all the 36 universities based in Nordic countries, says Jaakko Aspara, Dean of Research and Innovation.

The top-cited publications refer to the proportion of the university's research publications that, compared to other publications in the same field and in the same year, belong to the top 10% most frequently cited worldwide.

Besides the research measures, Hanken is also ranking high in U-Multirank’s measures of international orientation, reflecting the strategic vision of Hanken for 2030, “to be an internationally highly regarded research-driven, stand-alone business school responding to global business and societal challenges innovatively and responsibly”.

Regarding the international orientation, Hanken ranks number one or two among Finnish universities in terms of international academic staff (% of academic staff with foreign citizenship) and international student mobility (international incoming exchange students, outgoing exchange students, and students in international joint degree programmes).

U-Multirank is an independent consortium, funded by the European Commission, that ranks higher education institutions (HEIs) around the world. Rankings are provided on five dimensions of university activity: research and research linkages, teaching and learning, knowledge transfer, international orientation, and regional engagement. Currently, more than 1,600 universities and other HEIs are included in the ranking, from 95 countries.

Read more about the ranking: www.umultirank.org

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Jaakko Aspara, Dean of Research and Innovation