Academic Networks

Academic Networks

Hanken conducts research and collaborates within a number of research networks both nationally and internationally. Some cooperation is structured as joint research- or competence centres, others take place within global research networks.

Research- and competence centres:


The Helsinki Center of Economic Research (HECER) is a joint initiative between Hanken, the University of Helsinki, and the Aalto University School of Business. HECER is an independent research institute. Its purpose is to promote high-quality economic research, to develop and co-ordinate doctoral level economic education, to promote co-operation in economics among the universities in the Helsinki area, and to interact with the society at large. HECER consists of 100 academic researchers and is the leading academic center of economic research in Finland.

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The Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Research Institute (HUMLOG Institute) is a focal point for researchers in humanitarian logistics, founded by Hanken and theNational Defence University of Finland (NDU). The aim of the institute is to research the area of humanitarian logistics in disaster preparedness, response and recovery. The HUMLOG Institute also serves as a platform and physical place for researchers in the field of humanitarian logistics to exchange ideas. The centre collaborates with a number of humanitarian organisations, such as UNICEF, ICRC, RC/RC Climate Centre, NESA and IFRC East Africa.

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IPR University Center

IPR University Center is a joint institute of six Finnish universities: University of Helsinki, Aalto University, University of Turku, University of Eastern Finland and University of Lapland, and Hanken, who also hosts the centre. IPR University Center conducts and coordinates research within intellectual property and shares information pertaining to this field.

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