Actions Taken

Green Office Developments
  • Hanken has switched into collecting energy waste instead of regular waste in the offices and common spaces.
  • The school cafeteria has acquired a metal press and implemented a system for recycling metal containers.
  • A new bike rack has been set up in the inner courtyard.
  • Double-sided printing has been introduced as a standard.
  • New waste bins with recycling system have been acquired for the foyer and the main lecture hall.
  • Hanken's light fixtures have been updated.
  • In 2013 the energy consumption of Hanken's main building was evaluated.
  • GO has launched a campaign to promote the use of stairs instead of elevators.
  • Information about recycling has been given both to personnel and students in eg. on the info screens in the School.
  • Campaign to reduce usage of disposable cups at the cafeteria was run in 2010.
  • Hanken Cleaning Day 
  • Bikes that staff and faculty can borrow during working hours.
  • Waterless urinals in gents toilets