| 06.07.2017

HANKEN RETURNS raised 11,8 million euro

The fundraising campaign HANKEN RETURNS ended 30 June 2017. The campaign got support from a total of 944 private persons, organisations and foundations who together donated 11.8 million euro to Hanken.

All Finnish universities have been running active campaigns, and the collection result places Hanken as the fourth largest donor recipient. Measured in relation to the number of graduate students, Hanken is the largest recipient with a broad margin.-The result exceeds all our expectations and we are deeply grateful for the support Hanken has amongst its alumni, partners and friends. Through this support Hanken can continue to develop as a stand-alone, independent and international business school with high-class education and research, says rector Karen Spens.
 The fundraising campaign HANKEN RETURNS was launched 10.12.2014 and ended 30.6.2017. The campaign got support from 944 donors who together donated 11 827 050 euro to the campaign. The raised funds will be matched by the government and directed to Hanken’s basic capital. The aim of the campaign was to strengthen Hanken’s unique position as Finland’s only independent business school.For more information, please contact Head of Fundraising and Donor Relations Camilla Wardi, camilla.wardi@hanken.fi, tel. +358 (0)40-560 59 64.