| 27.02.2019

Pitching for future meals

In the latest issue of Hanken Magazine, you can read about how students learn to put theoretical knowledge into practice. Also, read an interview with Hanken’s Chairman of the Board, Jannica Fagerholm.

In Professor Kristina Heinonen’s course that is based on a special project, the students pitch their ideas for real companies. In 2018, the company was HKScan.

– To work with a concrete product for a real company brings variety to the teaching, and the students learn how to put research into practice, says Heinonen.

Also, read an interview with Hanken’s Chairman of the Board Jannica Fagerholm.

“Hanken is in many ways Finland’s window to the Nordic countries. It’s essential that we see to it to have enough resources for this important undertaking”, says Fagerholm.

Hanken Magazine coming to you on Friday 1 March! Read the magazine online here.