| 01.03.2019

“Hanken is Finland’s window to the Nordic countries”

Jannica Fagerholm as Chairman of the Board at Hanken has a strong feeling of commitment. She wants to work for a Hanken that’s an internationally strong leader within its research areas.

Hanken has been part of Jannica Fagerholm's daily life for several years, as she has already been an active member of its board for three terms. 

Fagerholm took over from Björn Wahlroos; she sees it as her main task to continue providing room and resources for Hanken to go on developing its many strengths. Fagerholm wants to work for a Hanken that’s an internationally strong leader within its research areas, and one that ensures its students education of a high quality in a stimulating environment. 

“We should uphold our strong networks of alumni and donors, something unique to Hanken. Hanken is in many ways Finland’s window to the Nordic countries. It’s essential that we see to it to have enough resources for this important undertaking”, says Fagerholm. 

The new financing model will be a great challenge; it entails cuts for Hanken in 2021. 

“We have calculations that show an approximate reduction of 16 per cent in Hanken’s total financing. This is a lot – over two million euro – considering the budget is 25 million”, says Fagerholm. 

Fagerholm welcomes the responsibility of being Chairman of the Board for the next three years. “I’m excited and optimistic. We have a new competent board, representing both our surrounding society and Hanken’s special know-how. I’m really looking forward to this challenge” says Fagerholm.



Photo: Niklas Gerkman

This is an article from the Hanken Magazine 1/2019. Read the magazine here.