| 20.03.2019

Researchers are seeing City of Helsinki with new eyes

Virpi Sorsa and Jouni Virtaharju investigate how the employees at the City of Helsinki have experienced the remodelling of the organization two years ago.

In summer 2017, the City of Helsinki got a new leadership system and a new organisational structure. Postdoctoral researchers Virpi Sorsa and Jouni Virtaharju’s research is a part of the evaluation of the city’s organisational and leadership reform. The goal was for the city to become a smoother organisation and more focused on the inhabitants.

Sorsa and Virtaharju use ethnographical research methods in their study. They listen, observe, take notes and discuss with the employees of the city.

“We can offer them an understanding of what has happened after the reform. We give them a broader and more complete picture, so that they can reflect upon how they have reached their goals”, says Virpi Sorsa.

Virpi Sorsa och Jouni Virtaharju forskar i Helsingfors stads organisationsförändring.

This is an article from the Hanken Magazine 1/2019. For the full article, please read the Swedish version of this text. You can read the whole magazine here.