| 10.02.2017

PRME statement in defense of universal values and principles

Hanken is one of 29 higher education institutions worldwide in the PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) Champions and stands behind the statement in defense of universal values and principles made by PRME on 8 February 2017.

Hanken supports the notion that the global community has thrived on the ideas brought by people from around the world and Hanken wishes to contribute to global knowledge through the free movement of students, teachers and researchers. Furthermore, supporting the UN-backed initiative, Hanken speaks up to defend equality, non-discrimination, freedom, and diversity. Therefore, as a university, Hanken is deeply concerned about growing protectionism, nationalism and populism on the global stage and even considered cancelling the 7th PRME Assembly scheduled for New York City in July.The mission of the PRME initiative is to transform management education, research and thought leadership globally. This is done by providing a framework of principles, developing learning communities and contributing to the achievement of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.Hanken remains committed to our mission to prepare a new generation of globally responsible leaders and to preserve the freedom of research, teaching and learning in an international community. It is part of our responsibility to critically address any threats to these fundamental values and principles.Read the statement in its entirety on the PRME website.