| 29.12.2016

Hanken students participate in voluntary work

The Folkhälsan drop-in IT-workshop is a new initiative to bring together Hanken students and senior citizens. Ida Andersén, Nina Lindström and Kenneth Mattson are among those students that are participating in this project.

Maria Gajitos, English teacher at Hanken and a volunteer herself, came up with the idea to co-operate with Folkhälsan. Since today’s technology is far from familiar to all senior citizens, there is a need for guidance. Folkhälsan now provides it-help in its service housing units in collaboration with Hanken students. The elderly recieve help with e-mailing, computer programmes or installation of electronical devices.“This is a small thing for us but it means so much to the elderly. It feels good to help”, says Nina Lindström. Maria Gajitos hopes that more students would engage in voluntary work since it’s both rewarding and a good thing to have on your CV.The co-operation with Folkhälsan goes well together with Hanken’s other projects in social responsibilities. Hanken has also signed the principles of responsible management education - PRME. That is the first organised relationship between the United Nations (UN) and business schools. The mission of PRME is to inspire and champion responsible management education, research and thought leadership globally.Source: Folkhälsan-magazine nr.6/2016
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