| 24.06.2015

International prize for best report on responsible management education

Hanken has been awarded international prize for best report on responsible management education for the second time.

Hanken School of Economics' report on its progress in responsible management education has for the second time been awarded the prize for the best PRME report. The 2015 Recognition of Excellence Award is granted as acknowledgement of the way Hanken reports on its progress and goals for responsible management education.The prize was awarded to seven of the around 500 university members worldwide that have signed the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). The prize was awarded during the PRME Global Forum in New York on 23 June 2015.The awardees were chosen through a so-called double blind method, which means that all reports were assessed by two evaluators who worked independently of each other. Hanken received the Excellence Award in the category for Schools that have reported two times or more and received the award together with three other Schools. Hanken is the only School that has received this Award for a second time. Hanken was awarded for its ground-breaking and innovative report, which can stand as a model in reporting for all PRME members.”Receiving this international award for the second time confirms our position as a forerunner in integrating responsibility into the education. Being able to report on our activities in an efficient way and setting tangible goals for these activities are central aspects of Hanken’s purposeful sustainability strategy”, says Nikodemus Solitander who coordinates the PRME efforts at Hanken.Hanken was the first university in Finland to sign the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education in 2008. The School’s determined work was acknowledged in 2013 when Hanken was selected member of the PRME Champions Leadership Group, a group of 30 international schools that lead the global development towards responsible management education. The same year Hanken was for the first time awarded the prize for best PRME report.Read more about Hanken and PRME, and download the entire report through the following link: http://www.hanken.fi/en/cooperation-and-networks/international-networks/prme-un-principles-responsible-management-education
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